The Avant-Garde

Blaufränkisch, Chardonnay und Sauvignon Blanc: The two wines are at the moment belonging to the most planted white vines and are very popular and liked. The color is a soft golden-yellow. The bouquet is typically for the wines and shows a complex body and juicy. Both wines are soft but full in the palate and leaving a long persistent flavor.  
The color of the Blaufränkisch is dark, ruby-reddish with purple shimmer. The bouquet is fruity with a consistent body. Acidity, alcohol and residual sugar are quite balanced and in average softly tending to the rather heavy red wine.
All the three of them are great allrounder fitting to many situations to enjoy good wine.

Lacus Magnus

The Classics

Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling und Zweigelt: The two white wines are rather light bodied softly yellow colored with green highlights. The bouquet is  rich with flavors and long. They are typical warm climate wines, due to the increased ripeness of the grapes, having greater weight and seeming fuller.
The Zweigelt has its typical violet-reddish color. The bouquet shows a complex body with a juicy touch leaving a long persistent flavor, but remaining soft and luscious.
The full body and the light appearance of these wines makes them being a companion for many occasions.

Current Selection


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